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Proposed Battery Energy Storage Development at Land North of Clapgate, Bredbury Green

Public Consultation Website

Public Consultation Invite 


Queequeg Renewables Ltd are proposing to develop a Battery Energy Storage Scheme at Land North of Clapgate, Bredbury Green. 


You are invited to visit a public exhibition which will be held at: 


St Christopher Centre, Our Lady & St Christopher’s R C Church, 52 Barrack Hill, Romiley,

Stockport SK6 3BA on: Thursday 7th September 2023 


Drop in anytime between 2-7pm. 


The exhibition will display indicative plans and information about the proposed development. Members of the Project Team and Queequeg Renewables Ltd will be available to answer questions you may have about the energy storage proposal.

Goyt Hall Redline-01-01 WEB.jpg

Site Location Plan

Why Battery Storage?

The UK Government has set a target to achieve a net zero economy by 2050 and are committed to replacing fossil fuels with clean green energy solutions. The spiralling costs of imported energy resulting in higher energy bills, has further highlighted the need to strengthen energy security and resilience in the UK and the need for cheaper and cleaner energy. National Grid estimate that 13GW of batteries are required to ensure that energy generated by renewables can be stored when it is not required, and then used when it is.


Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and associated works are a key component of a low carbon energy system. The batteries can store the energy being generated across the UK’s energy network by renewables, such as solar and wind farms, when demand is low so excess electricity is not wasted. These systems can then discharge this stored energy to balance the energy network when demand is high or when the wind is not blowing or the sun shining.  The batteries produce no emissions or pollution during operations so are considered to be a low carbon technology.


In March 2019, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council declared a climate emergency, and have a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2038. The Stockport Climate Action Now Plan underpins this target and sets out the Council’s priority to ensure ‘that future energy needs of the borough can all be met in a sustainable way’.

The proposal will connect to Bredbury National Grid Substation, approximately 1km northwest of the Site. Locating the project close to this existing substation, which has grid capacity, ensures a viable and cost effective connection to the National Grid network.

The proposed battery energy storage facility would assist in providing a contribution to both local and national renewable energy targets.


Indicative Development Proposals

Goyt-SitePlan 11a (No Legend) (1).jpg

Indicative Proposed Layout Plan

P23-0149_EN_0002B Indicative Landscape Masterplan 2023 09 01.jpg

Indicative Landscape Masterplan

Existing and Proposed Indicative Photomontages

Existing and Proposed Photomontage 1
Existing and Proposed Photomontage 2

Site Analysis

Green Belt

The Site is located in the Green Belt. As part of the planning application, ‘Very Special Circumstances’ will be demonstrated for the development, which includes the need for this type of development and a justification as to why this site is suitable. 

The Very Special Circumstances include:

  • the need to meet national targets to be a net zero economy by 2050 and local targets to become carbon neutral by 2038;

  • there is an available and viable grid connection with a grid offer that has been accepted;

  • initial work suggests that this location is suitable to serve the grid connection; and

  • the potential for other environmental benefits.


What is being proposed?

The proposal is for the construction and operation of a Battery Energy Storage System and associated infrastructure at Land North of Clapgate. The Site measures approximately 1.5ha.


The proposal will compromise of:

  • Containerised battery energy storage units measuring approx. 6m x 2.6m x 3m;

  • Inverters up to 2.2m in height;

  • Transformers up to 4m in height;

  • Switchgear up to 3m in height;

  • District Network Operator (DNO) Compound to include multiple components, a compound building up to approx. 4m in height and a customer compound building approx. 5m in height;

  • Car parking provision and internal access track;

  • A welfare unit up to 2.7m in height; and

  • Relevant communications and monitoring equipment including CCTV.


The battery energy storage units and infrastructure will be surrounded by fencing to ensure its security.


Access to the site, for construction and maintenance, will be obtained from Clapgate, on the southern boundary of the Site.


Landscaping and biodiversity enhancements within the site will likely include native woodland structure planting to screen views of the battery storage area and a wildflower meadow and amenity area within the south of the Site.


Consultation Boards

Goyt Hall Farm BESS Consultation Board_1.jpg
Goyt Hall Farm BESS Consultation Board_3.jpg
Goyt Hall Farm BESS Consultation Board_5.jpg
Goyt Hall Farm BESS Consultation Board_2.jpg
Goyt Hall Farm BESS Consultation Board_4.jpg
Goyt Hall Farm BESS Consultation Board_6.jpg

Next Steps

Your views are important to us and we are seeking your feedback as members of the local community to help shape the design proposals. Your comments will help to inform the planning application which is anticipated to be submitted to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council in Autumn 2023.


Please provide us with your comments by:

  • Filling out the feedback form provided at the exhibition;

  • Filling out the comments section of the leaflet (posted to properties local to the Site) or;


We welcome all feedback. All responses will be carefully considered, examined and recorded as part of our consultation process prior to submitting a planning application to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.


The deadline for comments is:

Sunday 24th September 2023

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